Corporate Governance

Anti- Bribery Policy



We, the management and staff of Exitra Sdn Bhd / Exitra Solutions Sdn Bhd are committed to :
  1. ensure all business activities and operations within our organisation are free from all forms of bribery;

  2. ensure fulfilment and compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements in relation to anti-bribery;

  3. ensure compliance with the Anti-Bribery Management System requirements, including undertaking continual improvement action whenever appropriate;

  4. empower the anti-bribery compliance function to independently oversee the implementation, compliance and reporting on the performance of the Anti-Bribery Management System;

  5. promote awareness of anti-bribery to all employees at all levels and functions within our organisation;

  6. encourage whistle-blowing by implementing an effective programme;

  7. ensure all reported concerns are investigated thoroughly and any employee making a report in good faith shall suffer no detriment from doing so; and

  8. impose appropriate disciplinary action on any person from the organisation who is found to have breached the anti-bribery policy.