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A single solution provider to hoteliers, offering a complete ecosystem and cost effective Cloud Solution Platform.


MyCloudH+ enables the integration of information within a hotel or even from chain hotels to provide furthers insights into the business.

Cloud Ready Solutions include:

Property Management System (PMS)

Internet Gateway

Online Booking Engine (OBE)

Digital Signage

Hospitality Accounting


Point-Of-Sales (POS)

Business Intelligence

Cloud HR Management System

Augmented Intelligence

What's inside?


Let our Insight Suite reveal what you don’t know about your business.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Smart Reporting
  • Augmented Intelligence


Pick & Choose the Management Software that suits your needs

  • PMS
  • Booking Engine
  • Hospitality Accounting
  • Point-Of-Sales (POS
  • HRMS


Integrate any Operations solutions with the Management Suite

  • Facilities Management
  • Digital Payments
  • Room Service
  • myConcierge

Communication Suite

Integrate any Operations solutions with the Management Suite

  • Internet Gateway
  • Digital Signage
  • IPTV
  • Digital Marketing

Why ?

  • With the myCloudH+ platform, information from multiple solutions come together giving users a single dashboard overview to manage their entire hotel operations.
  • Data Centralization from different solutions is made possible through myCloud's Analytic Platform technology. Each Solution on the Platform is Cloud ready and users need only to pick and subscribe for the relevant solutions.
  • Being a subscription based platform, lowers the cost for Hotels that need multiple complex solutions to manage their day-to-day operations.
All the information at your fingertips


Q3 Aurelia

Q3F Cloud is a new generation Financials Solutions embrace the true multi-tenant cloud technologies allow instant subscription of our cloud financials solutions with worry free IT support and maintenance.

Onmi Payment Connector (OPC): We automates the payment process with various credit cards and e- Wallets payment processing between multiple Hotel and F&B Applications to multiple payment vendors/banks. Our OPC aims to eliminate and solve the pain points of the errors that may have occurred in the current manual keying in of the credit cards and e-Wallets payment process.​

PeopleQuest HR

is beyond providing employee self-service and data at mouse clicks.
It encompasses improving the quality of information,
adding value to the fabric of an organization and impacting a culture of excellence.​


XPossible Technologies

provides High Speed Internet Access, Internet Access Management ,
Billing Gateway, Device Monitoring And Interface To Hotel Property Management System
Gateway since 2002 and today they have more than 400 hospitality clients in the region
with their internet solutions being certified by most international hotel chains.​